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Name: School Security Guard Training

With the passage of SB 1626 in 1998, state law requires security guards in K-12 school districts or California community college districts to complete a course of training developed by the Bureau of Security & Investigative Services. The law took effect July 1, 2000, and affects guards working on school property for more than 20 hours per week. The training requirement affects only guards employed pursuant to a contract between a K-12 school district or California community college district and a private patrol operator.

The following syllabus outlines the new course of training:


1.0 Role and Responsibility of School Security Officer (4 hrs)

2.0 Laws and Liability (8 hrs)

3.0 Security Awareness in the Educational Environment (3 hrs)

4.0 Mediation/Conflict Resolution (4 hrs)

5.0 Disasters and Emergencies (1 hr)

6.0 Dynamics of Student Behavior (3 hr)

7.0 Examination (1 hr)

Prerequisites: None (Guard Card Suggested)

Course Cost: $200.00 

*This course is instructed by South District Training Academy, State License TFF1268.

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