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Name: Security Guard Continuing Education

The California Department of Consumer Affairs has outlined specific courses that are contained within the Skills Training Course for Security Guards. A majority of these courses are included in the training packages listed. The below courses are available as individual courses of instruction to those looking for specific training. These courses are:

R002 Public Relations*

R003 Observation & Documentation*

R004 Communication & its Significance* 

R005 Liability & Legal Aspects*

E001 Post Orders & Assignments

E002 Company Policies & Orientation

E003 Evacuation Procedures

E004 Officer Safety

E005 Advanced Arrest, Search & Seizure

E006 Access Control

E007 Trespass

E008 Laws, Codes, Regulations & Ordinances

E009 Handling Difficult People

E010 Workplace Violence

E011 Chemical Agents (not tear gas)

E012 Preserving the Incident Scene

E013 Crowd Control

E014 Driver Safety

E015 Supervision

E016 Courtroom Demeanor

E017 Parking & Traffic Control

E018 Radio Procedures

Contact us to setup a specialized training program for your company or individual needs.

Prerequisites: None (Guard Card Suggested)


(*) Denotes required course within 6 months of start of work as a security guard.

**This course is instructed by South District Training Academy, State License TFF1268.

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